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The Kabyle dress "Thakendourth Leqvayel" is made from embroidered silk fabric of different colors, such as green, red and yellow, which respectively symbolize nature, blood and sun. The making of the Kabyle dress is typical of each region. Thus we find "Taqendurt" or "taksiwt" Iwadiyen ", iâzzugen, nath-aïssi, ne bgayet, nat wassif, etc. The Kabyle dress is usually tied at the waist with a handmade belt called "h'zam". Often decorated with the same pattern as in the dress, El Fouta is an important piece of the Kabyle dress. It covers the body from the waist to the legs It is a matching fabric that is worn over the Kabyle dress (tajelebth n'kbayel). In general, the fouta consists of a fabric embroidered with bands or stripes of different colors that succeed one another. This garment has always been generalized to all types of weaving. The traditional costume consists of five elements: The Kabyle djebba, called "Thaqandourth" is the basic element of the costume and has a round collar with ruffles and long sleeves of yellow or orange color. The garment is embellished with zigzag embroidered patterns and loquats (Kabyle lace) in a multitude of colors, all inspired by Kabyle writing. It is embellished with an apron, called "foudha" or "fauta", decorated with multicolored vertical stripes. The belt, called "h'zam", consists of a set of multicolored woolen threads braided and provided with pompoms at the ends. The headdress is composed of a square scarf, called "m'harma", decorated with floral motifs and folded into a triangle on the nape of the neck and then bound by the ends above the forehead.

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Robe Kabyle Gargari

Robe Kabyle Gargari

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