Agate and Amethyst Stone Table Clock

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This handcrafted elegant table clock is made with Agate Stone and Amethyst Stone. Engravings Are In Gold Plate. Battery Device Included

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Agate is a semi-precious stone that belongs to the quartz family. It is a beautiful vitreous stone, which comes in different colors but is generally lined with several white streaks or gradients of its natural color.
In Lithotherapy, the therapeutic virtues of agate are numerous. It is effective in countering and neutralizing insect bites and venomous reptiles. Agate is also considered a protective stone, it is given other benefits and healing properties. Thus, it can soothe pain, relieve breathing difficulties, and improve blood circulation. Agate would also be a proven remedy, a very effective remedy for dermal problems, but also an exciting one, which by remedying erotic disorders, improves the quality of sex life.


Originally used as an ornamental stone, the amethyst stone Amethyst stone is part of the family of purple quartz Its colors and whitish inclusions underline the beauty of this Natural Stone.
In Lithotherapy, Amethyst is considered the stone of humility and the stone of wisdom. It would soothe anxieties and anger, provide relaxation and peace, stimulate creativity, imagination and clarity and promote a calm and deep sleep.
compositionsPierre Agate, Pierre Améthyste, Plaque Or
StyleHorloge de Table

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